What Is the Difference Between Camping And Glamping

The desire to feel of the wind on our faces and to sleep beneath the full moon in a forest is a fantasy that many people have. However, a few minutes into camping and you discover that you are not cut out for it. In the worst case, over-exposure to the elements would leave you with a few nicks and bruises. However, this is not to say that some of us still can’t enjoy camping in the old school way. 

Glamourous camping or glamping is a fast-rising trend that has revolutionized camping and other outdoor activities. As the name implies, glamping is a type of camping that is more comfortable, luxurious and is far more enjoyable. This is because some facilities and gears make it more convenient than traditional camping. Notwithstanding, both glamping and camping bring your closer to nature; it is just how that is different. 

The significant differences between the two activities exist in the style of accommodation and feeding. Let’s examine the two side by side:


Since camping is about stripping down to bare essentials, an average camper venturing into the wild space must be prepared with their tent. Not just this, the tent must be pitched in a remote and strategic location to relish every moment spent outside. As a result, the tent, in most cases, features a simple design and doesn’t come with high-end amenities. A glamper, on the other hand, doesn’t go out to set up their tent. Unlike tents, frame shelters with amenities like refrigerator and electricity set up in a secured location are where a glamper is accommodated. 

As should be expected, where a camper will sleep is different from where a glamper will—likewise, restroom and the use of it. For a camper, using the toilet means picking a nice spot in the forest and having a go at it. Plus, instead of sleeping on memory foam with clean sheets, you sleep on the best camping tents you can buy. The case is not the same for a glamper as the framed shelter provides comfortable mattresses and clean sheets.


Cooking for a camper means collecting firewood and catching games or fish and roasting it over an open fire. An open fire is the primary way of cooking for a camper. You could settle for a morning coffee brew of fish stew with a bonfire. Not just this, the fire provides heat from cold and freezing temperatures. A clean stream and a filter is also a safe way for a camper to get drinking water. Glamping, on the other hand, offers options like a wood-burning stove, traditional firepits, and other choices that make outdoor life less harsh. Plus, glamping sites provide clean and filtered water.

Temperature control 

Camping tents have flaps that a camper can open to close to control temperature and heating in the tent. Not just this, thick or light sleeping bags plus dense or light clothes are other ways a camper can control the temperature. In contrast, most glamping accommodations feature heating and air conditioning units that make the environment feel cozy whenever you return from your expedition. 


Camping tents sometimes come with small pockets where you can store small items. The Big family camping tents offer more storage space for other necessities. However, where the shelter doesn’t provide enough storage options, the camper might have to keep the supplies in the car. More often than not, a glamper has storage options like a dresser for clothes and a refrigerator for food in the glamping structure. The complete opposite of a camper’s storage options. 


Glamping allows you to meet fellow glampers since most of the structures are shared with other glampers. You can’t be too sure the feathery or furry neighbor a camper will camp beside.

Where Can I Camp or Glamp In The United States

The United States offers various camping and glamping sites that range from the warm beaches and the Rocky Mountains. Since either activity is for a short while, you can travel to the United States as an international traveler via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The ESTA allows citizens of countries under the Visa Waiver Program to travel to the United States for business or pleasure, as in your case. However, the visit must not be more than three months and must be for either business or pleasure. Since the application is open to nationalities of 38 countries, you should check your ESTA status to find out if you are eligible. Fill the ESTA form if you are eligible and proceed to apply.  


If you are a fan of laying it bare and going at nature heads on, then you will do well camping in the forest. However, if you prefer the subtle and gentle approach to spending time in the wild, then luxury camping is for you. One thing though, for a camper, never leave home without the best camping tent and gears. 


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