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Viking Trek 350x Lightweight Sleeping Bag – Warm & Breathable, Ideal Camping Gear for Hiking and Backpacking – Includes… Price: $28.95 (as of 14/06/2021 17:09 PST- Details)

VIKING TREK 350X SLEEPING BAGS are designed in Sweden by descendants of real Scandinavian Viking Warriors, tested in the harshest of conditions and delivered to you at an exceptional value. With the strength of Vikings, no place on Earth will be off limits when you are travelling!
A PERFECT NIGHTS SLEEP – Our premium quality 350g filling and drawstring hood design will keep you warm throughout the night. This extreme weather sleeping bag has been certified to EN 13537:2012 standards and awarded temperature ratings: Comfort 45°F, Limit 35°F and Extreme 12°F. This ensures that you get a comfortable nights sleep whatever the weather!
BECAUSE STAYING DRY MATTERS – The included compression carry bag is 100% waterproof and has a built in hood so your sleeping bag stays dry even when carried outside your backpack in the rain, sleet, or snow making this the ultimate backpacking sleeping bag. These cold weather sleeping bags keep you as dry as they do warm!

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VIKING TREK 350X SLEEPING BAGS are designed in Sweden by means of descendants of actual Scandinavian Viking Warriors, examined within the most harsh of prerequisites and dropped at you at an excellent price. With the power of Vikings, no position on Earth can be off limits if you find yourself traveling!
A PERFECT NIGHTS SLEEP – Our top rate high quality 350g filling and drawstring hood layout will stay you heat all through the evening. This Excessive climate drowsing bag has been qualified to EN 13537:2012 requirements and provided temperature scores: Convenience forty five°F, Prohibit 35°F and Excessive 12°F. This guarantees that you just get a at ease nights sleep regardless of the climate!
BECAUSE STAYING DRY MATTERS – The integrated compression raise bag is one hundred% water resistant and has a inbuilt hood so your drowsing bag remains dry even if carried out of doors your backpack within the rain, sleet, or snow making this without equal backpacking drowsing bag. Those chilly climate drowsing luggage stay you as dry as they do heat!
NEVER CATCH A ZIPPER AGAIN – There’s not anything worse than being exhausted, crawling into your drowsing bag and having the zipper save you you from falling asleep while you wish to have it probably the most! Our distinctive anti-snag zipper tag prevents your zipper from getting stuck at the subject matter of your drowsing bag liner.
BREATHABLE FABRIC – The very last thing you wish to have if you find yourself looking to sleep is waking up in a pool of sweat within your tent or cabin. Our interior subject matter wicks moisture away out of your frame and out in the course of the breathable outer shell. Contemporary garments are restricted if you end up clear of house, so do your self a desire and get a drowsing bag with breathability!