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A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak Series – High Quality Survival Gear Kit with Embedded Compass, Fire Starter, Emergency Knife & Whistle – Pack of 2 – Slim Buckle Design Hiking Gear (Green / Green 8.5″) Price: $9.99 (as of 02/03/2019 13:59 PST- Details)

5-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: High Quality Compass. Flint Fire Starter. Fire Scrapper inside the buckle, use it also as Emergency Knife. Emergency Whistle, creates noise levels of up to 100db
FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Made of ultra-strong, military-grade 550 Paracord with built-in compass, fire-starter and emergency knife & whistle.
LIGTHWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Make the A2S Paracord Bracelet an indispensable survival accessory for any camping, fishing, hiking or hunting trip.

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Believe the next state of affairs: You and your pals are on tenting go back and forth and you make a decision to take your kajak out for a fast solo spin on the river before it gets dark. Dressed up in simply shorts and together with your backpack on the campsite you get started your go back and forth.

A couple of miles down the river an sudden current throws you from your kajak and also you smash your leg in opposition to a rock. Wet, harm and left on my own that you’re in bother and the one thing that you’ve with you is what you’ve gotten on you – your A2S Paracord bracelet.

Night time is approaching rapid. You get started feeling cold and see you’ve gotten issues together with your hand coordination. You need to do one thing rapid to get your body temperature up.

You be capable to gather a few kindling and wooden. With a sigh of relief you resolve your A2S paracord and use a few of its fine inner strands as tinder. By way of scraping the striker for your bracelet in opposition to the rod you be capable to generate sparks and ignite the tinder. Mins later you might be sitting in entrance of a comforatble Fireplace. Things are having a look up!

Now feeling hotter you make a decision to make use of the scraper as an Emergency Knife and bring to an end a work of your paracored to thread up a garments line and dry your wet clothes.

Back in dry apparel once more You need to do something positive about that injured leg. You discover a appropriate branch, splint your leg in opposition to it and protected it together with your paracord.

that your pals on the campsite are most definitely searching for you and blow your EMERGENCY WHISTLE to expose your precise location. Will have to they now not to find you, you make a decision to navigate your as far back as the campsite within the morning the use of the build-in COMPASS.

Luckily you gave your loved one the opposite A2S Survival bracelet within the 2-% set and inside A couple of short hours you hear the reassuring sound of your loved one’s whistle.
five-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: Prime High quality Compass. Flint Fireplace Starter. Fireplace Scrapper throughout the buckle, use it additionally as Emergency Knife. Emergency Whistle, creates noise levels of as much as 100db
FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Product of ultra-robust, military-grade 550 Paracord with built-in compass, Fireplace-starter and emergency knife & whistle.
LIGTHWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Make the A2S Paracord Bracelet an indispensable survival accent for any tenting, fishing, mountaineering or searching go back and forth.
UNMATCHED POWER & VERSATILITY: The Inexperienced / Inexperienced 8.five” set comfortably fits all wrist sizes between 7 – 8,2 inches. It is higher to measure your wrist first of all & then pick out up what fits higher to you. Compass embedded within the buckle for a simpler & protected wear. Please realize each bracelets are the similar measurement.
TESTED FOR EXCELLENCE:Has been attempted & tested to a minimum verge of collapse of 550lbs/250kg. Deploy your 12 FEET OF PARACORD in any scenario where an especially robust rope or cordage is wanted. Use one of the crucial finer SEVEN INNER STRANDS as FIRE TINDER; FISHING LINE or SEWING STRING.