How to Keep Your Tent Clean and Organized? Our Top 10 Tips

How to Keep Your Tent Clean and Organized? Our Top 10 Tips

Camping in a tent can get messy pretty quickly! From dirt and grime to clutter, living in a small space for a few days can start to feel like a headache.

Luckily, you can do a few things to make things feel a bit cleaner and more organized. Here are our top tips for creating a calm environment in your tent:

1. Take Care of Your Tent
While it’s normal for your tent to get a bit dirty during a camping trip, cleaning it between uses makes it more pleasant to use next time. Be sure to wash your tent between uses. It takes a little effort, but it’s worth it in the long run!

While washing your tent, you can also take the opportunity to check it over for any small rips or tears. These can be repaired and will save you a bit of discomfort for your next trip.

Also, you could think about re-waterproofing your tent. If you’ve noticed the waterproof coating flaking off in places, pick up a waterproofing spray and patch up those spots. This minor maintenance task will save you from dealing with leaks in your tent the next time you use it.

2. Pack Efficiently
Efficient packing can help you when you arrive at your destination. If you have room, consider organizing your items into sections. For example, packing cubes can help you keep your clothes tidy, while plastic storage containers are great for dry food.

It’s worth researching food storage for camping before you go – it is essential that food is stored correctly.

If you’re struggling to find space, roll your clothes rather than fold them. This helps prevent creases from forming and will allow you to fit a lot of clothing into a small space!

3. Utilize Your Space
Make sure you use the space efficiently. For example, if you have an overhead storage loft, you can use this to stash bulky items, like empty bags, rain jackets, and other gear you don’t need immediate access to.

Also, make sure to make the most of the smaller pockets. Establish what will be stored in the pockets (for example, keys and wallet in one, torches and water bottles in another), and then everyone will know where to find those essential items.

4. Choose a Tent With a Vestibule
Having a vestibule is incredibly useful. For one thing, it prevents mud and dirt from being tracked into the tent. In addition, you can leave a bucket or container in the vestibule and encourage everyone to stash their shoes inside it before stepping inside.

If it is completely covered, you can also use this area to store shoes, jackets, and other items, which will keep the inner tent area clutter-free.

5. Bring Soft Collapsible Boxes
This is an excellent hack, especially if you’re tight on storage space in your vehicle. Soft, collapsible boxes can be a lifesaver during a camping trip. You can leave them flat for traveling and then unpack them when you get there.

These boxes can help you keep your tent organized. For example, you can stash cooking equipment in one box, toys and entertainment equipment in another, and so on. This helps keep your tent tidy. Plus, you can label the boxes so everyone knows where things are kept.

Bonus tip: use one box for dirty clothing. This helps to keep your dirty clothes away from your clean ones and makes it easier to wash your clothes using the campground facilities, as you can carry them all in one go.

6. Don’t Forget the Cleaning Essentials
You need to bring a few essentials with you when you’re camping. These include:

● A dustpan and brush for sweeping up any dirt and crumbs
● Trash bags
● Duct tape (this can be used for a multitude of things, including repairing your tent in a pinch)
● Antibacterial wipes, or cleaning spray and rags
● Toilet paper (even if you have toilets nearby, you can never guarantee toilet paper will be available!)

7. Minimize Cooking Ingredients
Make the most of your space by decanting your cooking ingredients. You can decant cooking oils into a smaller bottle, for example.

One handy tip is to decant your herbs and spices into smaller containers. Tic Tac containers are great for this, so start saving them now for your next trip!

8. Bring a Camping Cart
While this seems like a bulky item, camping carts can be collapsible, and they’re a real lifesaver for many reasons.

You can use a camping cart to easily transport your beach equipment (and even your kids), transport your stuff back and forth from your vehicle if you need to park far away, and even take your dirty dishes or laundry to the facilities on the campground.

Consider bringing one if you can squeeze a foldable camping cart into your vehicle. It could just revolutionize your next camping trip!

9. Use Rubber Mats for Your Tent Entrance
This is a simple tip, but throw a couple of rubber mats into your car before you go. These can be laid out by the doorway in your tent, giving you a safe place to stash dirty shoes without accidentally traipsing mud into the rest of your tent.

It’s particularly useful if your tent doesn’t have a vestibule or a covered porch area.

10. Use a Gear Line Organizer
If you have a storage loft, use a gear line organizer to keep things out of the way. That way, you can keep your essential items nice and safe. Hang up the gear line organizer, and use metal clips to hang smaller items, like torches, water bottles, and keys.

We hope this has helped you create a calm, clean, tranquil environment for your next camping trip!

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