Which Is The Best Camping Bed For Your Next Adventure Trip

Outdoor activities reduce stress, anxiety and make you sleep better. But they are tiring and if you don’t get a goodnight’s sleep you might miss out on the fun. So what you lie down on and how you cover your body plays an important role. As much as the idea of lying in the grass seems fascinating, you need a proper mattress to rest your body. When it comes to your sleep it’s very essential that you are careful be it your home or under the sky. So here some factors that you need to consider before buying a camping bed:-

  • Type of bed – If you are going on a long adventure you might want to pick a bed that is lighter and compatible so you can move around with ease without the baggage.
  • Size of the bed- You need to check if your tent is compatible with your bed. You don’t want to go camping dragging that enormous camp cot only to realize your bed is bigger than your tent.
  • Mattress Quality- If you are a frequent camper and go hiking often you might want to invest in a good hiking bed.

But if you don’t know the next time you are going camping buy a cheap bed that serves the purpose and doesn’t burn your pocket.

Compatibility -. Check if it is proper for your body. You don’t want to be in the middle of the jungle only to see that the cot is too short for your height or your arms are hanging out.

  • Lie down- it’s better to lie down and see how your cot or mattress feels. You don’t realize it until you lie down and see that the metal around the edges hurts your head or the body
  • Portability- One day you are taking your car camping other days it’s just a day hike. Look for a bed that you can carry everywhere effortlessly.

Here’s a list to help you choose your best camping bed:-

Coleman Comfort Smart Cot– Rated as the best camping bed on Amazon, Coleman Offers bed like comfort, easily foldable can fit in your car trunk. It comes with a yearly warranty.

Weight capacity: 124 Kgs
Weight: 9 Kgs
Height: 6ft
Body: Steel frame
Dimension:80x30x15 inches

Coleman Air Mattress – They are bigger in size, more comfortable with a nylon mattress.

It is perfect for two people. It is slightly heavy so only take it if going car camping.It comes with a battery-operated pump. It has two side tables in a pullout design so you can use it as per your convenience and also has cup holders, fancy right?

Weight capacity: 272 Kg
Weight:18 kg
Height: 6ft
Dimension- 78x59x22 inches

Disc-O-Bed Cam O Bunk large Bunk Combo – If you are a fan of bunk beds or if you are taking a partner with you on the trek.

It saves a ton of space and can fit a tent for two people. It comes with 2 organizers and a mobile pouch and 4 anti-slip foot pads to keep you safe.

Weight capacity: 226 Kg
Weight: 35kg
Height: 6ft
Dimension:79 x 28 x 32 inches

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot– A little on the expensive side but is worth every buck you spend on it. Makes set up a child’s play with a pivot arm.  It can survive all your adventures and bad conditions.

It can hoard up to 272 kgs, has a tight sleeping area and is padded with foam for a comfortable sleep.

Weight capacity: 272 Kg
Dimension: 85.75×44.73×19.25
Body: Steel

OSAGE RIVER Folding Camping Cot –  is a lightweight cot made with carbon tubular steel that has an X-frame. Plastic at the edges keeps it from immersing in the soil. The setup is very user-friendly with a 4 frame joints system.

Features a mesh side pocket, phone holder, and extra space for flashlights, etc.

Weight capacity:136 kg
Weight: 5Kgs
Dimension: 28x75x18.5

Body- Carbon steel, 600 PVC Coated

You want something that you can easily carry around and set up easily.

Sleepingo Camping sleeping pad – You would love it if you are a  frequent hiker or somebody who jumps into spontaneous trips, this could be your pad. It is lightweight, waterproof and comes down to the weight of a water bottle after packing.

Made with nylon fabric it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Thickness: 2 inches
Dimension : 75×25 inches

Miliard Tri Folding mattress – This mattress gives you a soothing sleep no matter where you are. It is well ventilated regulating airflow and lets you manage the sleeping temperature.

It’s a soft and breathable bamboo cover that makes the experience even better.

You can easily use it in tight spaces and it’s so accessible to carry with that tri-folding feature.

Thickness: 4inch
Material: Foam